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Llamacorn Is Kind (Board Book)

Llamacorn Is Kind (Board Book)

Southern Ivory Co.

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A fanciful cross between a llama and a unicorn, llamacorns are spreading kindness throughout the land. Meet the magical crowd of one-horned beasts in llamacorn land as they come to life through bright illustrations and endearing rhymes: the beautiful unicorn, the clumsy buffalocorn, a big blue walruscorn, the fearsome tigercorn, and more in this playful introduction to the land of the llamacorn. “but watch for the one who will be your friend, who will share his cookies, and play pretend, the nicest creature you’ll ever find—” who could it be but our new friend the llamacorn! This gentle message of kindness will make the llamacorn is kind an instant favorite.

Board book 22pgs /fantasy & magic/animals

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